​​​​Forklift Seats and Cushions

Yes, we offer pivoting armrests as an added option on three seat styles:  Bucket style, Comfy Coil style, and Standard style. Armrests must be installed during the manufacture of the seat.

Arm Rests

Yes. Superior Unlimited manufactures 8Q standard profile 4-mount seats upholstered in Industrial Grade Vinyl with 14.5" lateral track setting and attached literature pouch. The same workmanship and quality materials (vinyl, foam, electric sensors, and other components) are used, but with no complicated part numbers. Go to the "Seats" page and scroll down to 8Q for more information.

We can cross-reference some TVH, Nissan/Duralift, Promatch/Rapidparts, and Caterpillar seat part numbers with our seats. We cannot cross-reference our seats with a forklift model and/or serial number.

On the "Seats" page, listed at the top of each seat style are the forklifts for which it is ideal.
Look for the style seat that closely matches the seat currently on your equipment.

Do you know the mounting pattern on your equipment? The slides underneath the seat have four mounting studs/bolts, creating a mounting pattern of 11" o/c front to rear. The lateral (left to right) adjustment varies within a different range for each style seat (listed under features on the "Seats" page). If your forklift uses a mounting pattern other than 11" o/c front to rear or is outside the lateral adjustment range on the seat selected, two (or four) holes must be drilled in the equipment to accommodate the mounting studs.

Also, select a seat style that offers the options you want to be included with the seat. Not all options are available on all seat styles.

The following seats have non-folding straight backs:

  • STD
  • BKT
  • CCS
  • DLX
  • CC DLX
  • 8Q
  • UMP

The following seats have backrests that fold forward and down:

  • STD FB
  • BKT FB
  • CCS FB
  • DLX FB
  • 8Q FB

The following seats have a tilting frame:

Superior Unlimited Corp

The following four seats have a combination of both the folding backs and the tilting frame

  • DLX / Deluxe seat
  • DLX FB / Deluxe seat with Folding Back
  • ULT TILT / Ultimate seat with Tilting Frame
  • ULT COMBO / Ultimate seat with Combination Tilting Frame and Folding Back

Superior Unlimited keeps only basic seat styles in stock. Because numerous options are offered for every seat style, each seat is manufactured per order with the options selected.

Yes. Camera-ready artwork of your logo is required to have a die plate made. Please contact us for the current cost. After the initial set up fee, there is no additional charge per seat to have your logo embossed.

Yes, replacement backrests and bottom cushions are offered for all the seat styles we manufacture. Either the backrest or the bottom cushion (or both) may be purchased. Please refer to the "Cushions" page for more information.

Yes. Call us at 1 (800) 782-6545 during regular business hours to discuss the possibility of manufacturing a custom cushion. If it is feasible, we ask that the old, worn-out cushion be sent to us or that the three dimensions (width, depth, and height) of the cushion and the T-nut placement (if needed) be provided. Cushions are upholstered in black automotive high-grade vinyl unless one of the other stock upholstery materials is selected.

Custom Upholstery

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